Based on SEHO's worldwide leading nitrogen technology, the precision machine tooling and the modular design of the system makes the MWS 2300 a powerful piece of equipment.  It is ideally suited to solder demanding assemblies at high throughputs.

The flexible preheating area with up to 3300 mm (129.9") active length makes it possible to suit your specific production requirements.
Several factors ensure a clean process area and consequently the lowest possible maintenance costs.  The up-to-date spray fluxer with HVLP technology is installed in an external module in front of the machine.  Moreover, the MWS 2300 is provided with filters at the inlet and outlet, and the machine may be equipped with a process gas cleaning unit.
Special highlight is the integrated, temperature-controlled convection cooling module.  Thus, the assemblies are cooled below liquidus before they leave the machine, ensuring a remarkably improved metallurgical structure of the solder joints.

  • modular construction to suit your specific manufacturing requirements
  • outstanding nitrogen atmosphere at low consumption
  • the special tunnel design minimized operating costs
  • spray fluxer with HVLP technology ensures clear spray pattern and reduced flux consumption
  • highest process reliability because of very homogeneous heating of the assemblies
  • flexible preheat area and different preheat lengths individually configurable with IR, quartz or convection modules
  • high-end soldering quality because of innovative solder nozzle designs
  • sectorial soldering ensures large process window
  • integrated cooling area
  • lowest maintenance requirements with integrated filters, process gas cleaning and exhaust
  • modern and easy to use software with many analyzing options for tracing of processes
Pre heat Options between longwave infrared preheat module, quartz module (quick reacting), convection module
Solder pot Lödnivåkontroll, programmerbar sektorlödning

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