EP1220 Long Board Screen Printer

Long Board Screen Printer

The EP1220 handles boards up to 48″ (1220mm) long and 20″ (508mm) wide, ideal for LED lighting applications. The long board printer delivers print accuracy to 12.5µm at 6-sigma and use four fiducials to optimise alignment, paralleling the repeatability performance of our EP700 series platforms.

The long board printer deploys an inventive under-stencil cleaning system that operates in the X-axis to minimise the usage of cleaning consumables. Advanced automation is at the very centre of our long board screen printer platforms.

The EP1220 features laser-guided manual support pin positioning as standard, and fully automatic tooling pin placement as an option. SPI technology is built in to the EP1220 machines, giving on-board 2D inspection capability for paste presence and bridge detection.



Machine alignment repeatability +/-12.5μm @ sigma

Machine process accuracy +/-25μm @ 6 sigma

Core Cycle time 14 seconds

Stencil size min / max 736mm x 736mm / 1500mm x 736mm

PCB size min / max 80mm x 80mm / 1220mm x 508mm

PCB Thickness 0.4mm to 6mm

PCB Weight (max) 10kg

PCB Underside clearance 14mm (standard), 25 mm (optional)

PCB Clamping Top clamps, side clamps

PCB Support Magnetic pins, support block, vacuum block, vacuum pins

Stencil positioning Automatic

Transport direction L to R (standard), R to L (optional)

Conveyor width adjustment Fully Automatic

Under Stencil Cleaner Wet, dry, vacuum, air

Squeegee Pressure 4-20 kg

2D Inspection Paste presence/absence, bridge detection

Laser Guided Tooling Pin Placement Included

3D Stencil Solder Paste Management Included

Closed Loop Squeegee Pressure Control Included

Traceability Included

SPI Closed Loop Included


Product Changeover 2 minutes

New Product Set Up 5 minutes

Software Windows Operating System

Air Supply 6 Bar (85 psi)

Power Supply 220V Single Phase, Max. 1Kw 50/60Hz

Dimensions 2250mm x 1423mm x 1460mm

Series Stencil Printer
fielddefinition.productarea.model.name EP1220 Long Board Screen Printer
PCB size 1220mm x 508mm
Stencil load/unload Automatic
Squeegees material Metal
Cycle Time 14 seconds
Board clamping Top clamping standard

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