Series 3D AOI
fielddefinition.productarea.model.name SQ3000
PCB size 510 x510 mm
Camera Multi 3D-sensors
Resolut Sub 10 µm
Inspection speed 40 cm²/sek (2D/3D)
Solder Joint and Other Defects Missing, polarity, tombstone, billboard, flipped, wrong part, gross body and lead damage
3D measurement inspection Lifted lead, package co-planarity, polarity dimpleand chamfer idenfikation
Measurement Gage R&R ˂10% @ ±3óµm (±80µm process tolerance)
Z height accuracy 1µm on certification target)
Image processing Autonomus Image Interpretation (AI²) Technology
Data import Any column-separated text file with ref designator, XY, Angle, Part no info, Valor process presentation

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