• What does ESD mean?

ESD stands for Electrostatic Discharge.


• What does it mean if something is classed as an EPA?

EPA stands for ESD Protected Area. This is a defined space within which all surfaces, objects and people need to adhere to the IEC guidelines to eradicate the possibility of an electrostatic discharge. An EPA can be an area such as a single table or a complete production.


What is the difference between dissipative and conductive properties?

ESD protection products have different electrical conductivity characteristics classified as dissipative (surface resistance range >1x104 Ω - <1x1011Ω) or conductive (<1x104 Ω). Once the material is classed as insulative then there are greater chances of the material charging and in turn leading to an electrostatic discharge.


What is the difference between dissipative and a shielding packaging?

Shielding packaging (bag, carton, box, etc.) has a shielding layer in the construction, often a metal layer, which prevents electrostatic discharges from penetrating the packaging and therefore protects the sensitive electronics. All sensitive electronics (ESDS Electrostatic Sensitive Device) must be stored and transported in a shielding packaging once transported outside the EPA.

Dissipative packaging is primarily intended for mechanics / non-ESD sensitive materials and components which are transported into an EPA. The dissipative material will not create a charge but is not guaranteed to protect the ESDS from a discharge. Dissipative bags can also act as dust protection for ESD sensitive products and materials within an EPA.


How to best store ESD-protected material to extend its shelf life and maintain product quality?

Most dissipative plastic bags have a shelf life since the active substances used in production to obtain the ESD properties deteriorates and degrades over time. Most of the products / materials have a guaranteed shelf life of approximately 12 months. We have also dissipative materials with a 3-year function guarantee and even permanent properties. Common to most dissipative materials is that the properties are affected by UV light - therefore storing the materials away from UV light or in closed boxes will maintain the dissipative properties.

Please note that dissipative tote boxes will not lose their dissipative properties over time.


Can you order customized products (bags, matting, foam, boxes etc.) and solutions according to customer requirements?

Absolutely, we can adapt and cut both table and floor matting, shielding boxes and foam in the desired dimensions and specifications. We can also create specific dissipative and shielding bags and covers with or without unique printing.  We also have great opportunities and flexibility to develop customized products for internal and external transport. Feel free to contact us with your questions or needs and we will do everything we can to help.


What are the internal dimensions of the Fami boxes?

When it comes to our transport, storage and picking boxes it is always the outer dimensions which are stated. Please click on the link to see the internal dimensions.


What are the internal dimensions of the dissipative and shielding bags?

All measurements which are stated for our bags refer to internal measurements.


What conditions apply in the event of a return and how is the return handled?

In the event of any complaints or returns, we must be contacted no later than 10 days after you have received the delivery. If you suspect the product or packaging has been damaged during transport, it is important to point this out to the driver and document this upon delivery. If possible, take a photograph of the damaged packaging.


What are your delivery times? How long is the delivery time for a product that is not a stock item?

Our warehouse in Malmö is without comparison Northern Europe's largest warehouse in our industry, where we have most of our standard range available for immediate delivery. For products that are not available directly from stock, the average delivery time is 2-3 weeks. (Does not apply to our production equipment)


• Do you ship outside Sweden?

Yes, we ship both domestically and internationally.


• Can I purchase your products directly as a private person?

ESD-Center is active in B2B, but we also sell to private individuals, contact us about how we can help you.


• Where are your warehouses?

Malmö is our head-office, and this is even the site for our main warehouse. All incoming deliveries come to Malmö to be forwarded from there to our warehouses in Ski, Norway and Pärnu, Estonia.

Stock is set up in Norway and Estonia according to our customers needs and requirements for these areas.


How do you get in touch with you?

We love to talk to our customers; therefore, we always recommend contacting us by phone +46 40 36 32 40 for the fastest possible support, but of course you can also reach us at sales (at) esd-center.se. You will also find contact information for our employees under contact us.


Is it possible to visit your offices and warehouses, and even purchase your products directly on site?

We welcome visits to our offices but would like you to contact us in advance to book the meeting so that we can, among other things, prepare for your visit.

This also applies if you wish to pick up your goods in our warehouses, contact us in advance so that we can ensure that the delivery is ready for collection.