The PCB cleaner N25 you achieve extremly good cleaning results indepentent if you use is for "misprints", residues before coating or removing coating. Thank to a combination of spray under immersion, vertical movement and air bubbles (ultrasonic as option) minimize risks with shadow effects. After cleaning and rinsing steps the PCB is dried in a vacuumtank which ensures that all liquid and moisture are removed without baking.

N25 has a 100% closed loop system with low process costs.

Series PCB Cleaning equipment NC25 NC25 80 liter, rinsing tank 1: 60 liter, rinsing tank 2: 60 liter
Drying 5 x 400W stainless steel elements / Vacuum
Includes Specific spray under immersion cleaning process, ultrasonic in option, unique drying process with vacuum, lowest running cost, 100% close loop operation, construction on a containment tray, traceability system in option

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