Two recenctly installed screenprinters

Installations of new equipment continue at a great pace, which reflects the situation with most of our customers - Full Speed Ahead!

In recent weeks, we have installed two screen printers from Speedprint.
Alma Electronics chose an SP710 for their production in Malmö. "One of the most significant factors for us choosing ESD-Center as a supplier is the local Swedish service and support that we value highly," says Nhut Tran, who is a co-owner of Alma Electronics.

We have also installed the first SP1220, which is an important reference point for us in future projects.  The SP1220 and SP1550 are two relatively newly developed printers for long PCB boards. The SP1220 can handle PCB boards up to 1220x508mm and its big brother, SP1550, can handle 1550x560mm